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       is women in history month             

             Southport Womans Club

Celebrates 110 Years of Service

                  to the  Community

Jessie Taylor founded the Club 

October 9, 1909 as the Southport Civics Club, with Kate Stewart as the first president.

The aim of the Club was to improve the town. Some early projects, were placing street signs, and trash cans behind the businesses.

The Civics Club was responsible for starting the library and choosing the 500 books housed in the first library, the Fort Johnston garrison house.

The Woman's Club continues to support the public library 110 years later. We even instituted a little library outside the Boiling Springs food pantry and continue to supply it with children's books.

The Club proudly continues to support literacy and the library.

One of the goals of the Club was and is the continued improvement of Southport. 

You can thank the Civics Club for the first gas lighted street lamp, installed at the corner of Nash and Dry Streets.

The Club is responsible for the purchase of the first hearse and even provided a suite for the driver.The Civics Club continued to work for the betterment of the community. They planted trees and flowers around town, including the cemetery and Dosher Hospital. 

In 1920 the name changed to the Southport Woman's Club, but the goals remained the same.

Over the years the Woman's Club has worked diligently fundraising and donating time and talents toward assisting the community in any way it can. 

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